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Canon SL1 - Canon 28-90 reversed at 52 mm Novoflex EOS - Retro Adapter - f/11 1/160th with a Canon 270 Flash ISO 100


3 Days to Better Live Bug Photos

Hand Held Focus Stacking

Macro Obstacles Macro Flash Brackets Exposure Basics Shutter Speed
Magnification Hardware Basics

Depth of Field

Macro Flash Processing Useful Links Contact Me


General How To's and Forums

Photomacrography - I could only find a few articles on this site but the forum is fantastic

Beautiful Bugs - Excellent How To

Canon Digital Photography - Post by LordV - Search for him he has loads of good stuff posted

Pxleys - A general guide on how to do insect macro shots but it did not ALL work for me but some good tips

Orion Mystery - This is the Blog of Kurt (Hock Ping GUEK) in my opinion one of the best insect photographers in the World - make up your own mind. Guaranteed you will be amazed by most of his images. Take the time to read his posts they are well worth it.

Bits & Bytes - Excellent page from The Wonder of Light on how your sensor reads light Ambient vs. Flash and a Mixture of Both another great page from the Wonder of Light website

Extreme Macro - fantastic overall site on macro photography


Macro Lens Comparison

8 Macro Lenses Compared, Tamron, Sigma, Canon - Sorry No Nikon


Macro Flash Rigs and More

Close up with Nature

Depth of Field and Extension Tubes

Depth of Field by Cambridge in Colour
Extension Tubes by Cambridge in Colour


Luminous Landscape

Mounting a Lens Backwards

Digital Photography School
Super Macro Tutorial Using Reverse Mount Ring Cheap DIY - YouTube Video by emson1988

Tele Converter

Fine Art Photography by Professor M. Plonsky

Apparent Light Size


Lens Diffraction

F Stoppers

Calculator for Printing

Photo Enhancer

Pixels Per Inch

Digital Camera Pixels by Cambridge in Colour
Have Camera will Travel

How Shutters Work

Photo Tidbits

Flash Duration

The Rod and Cone

Mac tethering and Remote Capture

MacroDSLR - is a tethering and remote capture application specialized for a macro or time-lapse photography with Nikon and Canon EOS DSLRs or Sony Alpha cameras and Mac computers.